The Ultimate Gift Guide for Teens

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Teens

The teenage years are filled with our first experiences, and navigating the world of menstruation is definitely one of them. This holiday season, give the gift of comfort, confidence, and sustainability with Fluxies period pants. Teens deserve period solutions that understand their needs and celebrate their individuality. In this gift guide, we'll explore a range of Fluxies products perfect for teens, offering both style and functionality. From underwear to swimwear and everything in between, Fluxies has the ideal gifts for the teenagers in your life.

Fluxies Gift Card (Any Amount):

Sometimes the best gift is the one that allows them to choose exactly what they need. With the Fluxies Gift Card, available in any amount, you empower teens to select their favourite period products. Whether they prefer the trendy hipster, comfortable boyshort, or sporty boxer style, the Fluxies Gift Card is a versatile and thoughtful present that ensures they get exactly what suits their style and flow.

Gifts Under £20

Fluxies Teen Hipster (£17):

Our Teen Hipster brings style and comfort, designed exclusively for teens. Available in Black, Pear Green, and Purple, this hipster-style period underwear is not only functional but also a fashionable statement. Priced at just £17, it offers a snug fit and reliable protection, making it an ideal gift for teens who appreciate a blend of comfort and trendiness during their period.

Fluxies Teen Boyshort (£17):

For teens who prefer a bit more coverage, the Fluxies Teen Boyshort is the perfect choice. Priced at £17 and available in Black, Pear Green, and Purple, these boyshorts offer a comfortable and secure fit. The thoughtful design ensures teens can confidently go about their day without any worries, making this a practical and stylish addition to their period care routine.

Fluxies Teen Boxer (£20):

The Teen Boxer is a game-changer in period underwear, combining style and functionality in one. Available in Black and Pear Green, these boxers are priced at £20 and provide extra coverage for teens who prefer a boxer-style fit. With Fluxies' commitment to comfort and quality, these boxers make for a unique and thoughtful gift, offering teens the confidence to embrace their period with ease.

Gifts Under £30:

Fluxies Wearable Hot Water Bottle (£25):

Stay cozy and warm with the Fluxies Wearable Hot Water Bottle. Priced at £25, this practical accessory is designed to provide comfort during chilly days. The wearable design ensures teens can stay warm while on the go, making it an ideal gift for those who want both functionality and style.

Fluxies Swimming Bikini (£25):

Make a splash with the Fluxies Swimming Bikini. Priced at £25, this swimwear is specially designed for periods, allowing teens to enjoy swimming without worry. With a combination of style and functionality, the Fluxies Swimming Bikini is a fantastic gift for teens who love spending time by the pool or at the beach.

Gifts Under £50

Fluxies Teen Starter Kit (£47):

Introduce teens to the world of sustainable and comfortable period care with the Fluxies Teen Starter Kit. Priced at £47, this starter kit includes 3 best-selling styles of fun and colourful period pants tailored for teens, providing a seamless and eco-friendly introduction to period care. Give the gift of confidence and sustainability with the Fluxies Teen Starter Kit.