Period Underwear for Sports

Why Choose Our Sport Style Period Pants?

Feel safe and secure when you hit the gym in our period-proof activewear undies! These designs are here to keep you leak-free and feeling clean, even when you’re busy keeping fit.

We know how hard it can be to feel comfortable when you’re exercising in public, especially if you’re on your period. Our super soft, absorbent undies are here to make that feeling a thing of the past! 

With a breathable, moisture-wicking layer to keep you feeling dry and a seamless design that’s perfect for slipping on underneath leggings and jogging gear, these knickers are just right for any kind of exercise you’ve got planned. They’ll also hold between one and four tampon’s worth of flow (and sweat) if you’ve got a long routine planned out.

The antimicrobial features in our undies even means that those smells we all worry about won’t be an issue when you’re already out and about. Then, once you’re back indoors, you can just throw your pair straight in the wash with the rest of your gym clothes!

Keep feeling your best no matter your flow with our period underwear for sports, exercise, and gym routines. Pick out your perfect pairs and exercise in the comfort you deserve today.

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