Mission & Values

Fluxies was founded in 2018, as FLUX Undies, the first brand of period underwear to land in the UK, when reusable period products were almost non existent. Our products have now become the trusted go-to for thousands of people, globally. Whether it’s overnight protection, your first period product or incontinence underwear, we create modern and functional products that improve people’s everyday experience. No matter what solution we decide to create next, that ethos will run through everything that we do.

Now it's time to go beyond period underwear, that is why we've changed our name to fluxies. We've recently extended our range with our reusable period pads, wraparound hot water bottle and leak-free incontinence underwear.

And this is just the beginning.

Fluxies is here to create unrivalled products that elevate the everyday through comfort, form and function. We stand for comfort uncompromised.

We give back a percentage of sales to charities around the world that we are passionate about. Some of those charaties are Mermaids, IDAS, Freedom 4 Girls, Friends of sick children, The Princes Trust. Find out more here.

We care about planet and people – that’s why we only work with manufacturers and suppliers that align with our ethics. We believe in empowering the people that make our products as much as the people that buy them. We work closely with our manufacturer to ensure our products are made carefully, consciously and with dignity. Learn more here.

At fluxies, sustainability is at our core. We believe in creating environmentally conscious products that are built to last, which means we look at every detail when choosing the fibres and blends that go into the products you’re wearing. Learn more about our earth-first fibres here.

Period and leak-free underwear

Fluxies are machine-washable and reusable leak-proof underwear — providing a more sustainable alternative to single-use disposable products. Fluxies period underwear is designed in a range of absorbencies, from ultra-light to super heavy. Our period pants are built to completely replace single-use disposable products, with maximum comfort in mind. Every pair of fluxies underwear features our innovative built-in technology — a moisture-wicking top layer to keep you fresh & dry, an absorbent core layer to lock in the liquid, and an outer leak resistant barrier to prevent any leaks. Check out How our leak-free fluxies work page to learn more.

Our absorbent styles hold from 7ml (1 regular tampon) to 40ml (5 regular tampons), so there is an absorbency right for everyone.

Fluxies period-proof underwear handles blood clots similarly to a pad. The undies won’t absorb the blood clot itself, they will absorb the surrounding moisture so you will stay fresh and dry.

Fluxies period underwear is super absorbent, odour controlling, and moisture-wicking, designed to keep you fresh and dry. If your underwear has not reached full capacity, we would still recommend changing once daily, as you would with regular underwear.

The materials that we use in our absorbent gusset are always black to prevent any stains from showing. Fluxies period undies are not stain-proof. For fluxies to be stain-proof we would need to add treatments to the materials, these treatments would leave nasties and toxins in the leak-free underwear and
this is not something that we want in our naturally antimicrobial undies.

Our period-absorbing underwear is made from various different materials, all sustainable in their own right. The main materials we use are Tencel Modal, Organic Cotton, Recycled Nylon and
Biodegradable TPU. Find more about the materials we use in our products here.

Sizing & Styles

We have size charts for all of our different styles of fluxies underwear. The size charts can be found on the individual product pages.

Our period underwear styles feature a range of absorbencies, from ultra-light (7ml/1 tampon) to super heavy (40ml/5 tampons), so there is a pair for your every need. Our light absorbencies are great for end days and spotting. For some, our moderate absorbency styles can be a replacement, and for others, they can be a backup to tampons or menstrual cups on heavier days. Heavy and super heavy styles replace all other period products and are also great for overnight use!

We recommend using a product from our seamless range. These undies are designed to keep VPLs at a minimum. Shop for Seamless period absorbing underwear here.

Build a bundle sets are a great way to build your collection and get more for less. Mix and match any styles, colours, and sizes across fluxies, fluxies teen and fluxies incontinence. Find out more here.

Yes, we designed a product specifically for overnight leaks. Our fluxies sleep shorts are a boxer short style that hold up to 5 tampons' worth of flow. The gusset goes from front to back, to give you maximum protection, all
night long. Shop here.

We don’t recommend using fluxies period pants to swim in. We designed a product specifically for swimming. The water-resistant outer material allows water to simply roll off, keeping you fresh and dry all day long, whether you’re going for a dip or simply laying poolside.

Fluxies can provide leak protection you can trust through postpartum, for the best fit during postpartum, we recommend sizing up and opting for a heavy or a super heavy absorbency.

Our incontinence range is specifically designed for bladder leaks. Find out more here.

How to use

Fluxies are a total replacement for disposable products, such as pads, tampons, liners, and cups. Our highest absorbency styles hold up to 5 tampons. For most flows, fluxies can last all day! Alternatively, you can use fluxies period underwear alongside a tampon/cup.

You can wear fluxies period-absorbing underwear for as long as your flow will allow. Every flow is different and the type of absorbency that you choose will affect how long you can wear your fluxies for. We do recommend that you change your period underwear daily, just as you would with normal underwear.

A good indication of your fluxies period-absorbing underwear becoming full is if you start to notice blood at the seams, this is a good time to change.

We recommend starting with 3-7 pairs of fluxies period pants, so you’re covered for your entire period. It’s also a good idea to use a few pairs to work out how heavy/light your flow is and which
products suit your needs best.

No we do not recommend this. Fluxies leak-free underwear are designed to absorb your leaks, worn alone. If a pad is used and you leak, the blood/pee will not go through the pad, and will instead leak off of the sides of the leak-free underwear & they will not get a chance to do what they are designed to do.

How to care

Fluxies are super easy to care for; Rinse them under running water until they run clear, throw them in with the rest of your washing and put them on a 30C wash cycle. Don’t use any fabric softener or bleach. And then hang your leak-free undies to dry!

Machine-wash your fluxies up to 30C. If you're hand-washing, the water should feel luke warm.

Yes, alternatively you can hand wash your fluxies leak-free underwear.

No, using fabric softener can damage the absorbent technology. Fabric softener works by coating the yarns of fabric to make it feel softer. Over time, this will make the gusset becomes less absorbent.

The drying time of our leak-free underwear depends on the absorbency. The moderate styles take approximately 10 hours to dry, and the super absorbency styles can take about 18 hours to dry under non-humid conditions. Drying times will be affected by humidity levels and the airflow of the space you hang them in. For quicker drying times, we recommend drying in the sun, or over a dehumidifier. Never tumble dry – this will damage the waterproof layer within the gusset.

If you have left the undies wet for too long or the absorbed blood has built up in the gusset, this may cause an odour or affect the performance of your period pants. If your fluxies needs a little love, try a vinegar soak. Before machine washing your fluxies, soak them in the sink with one cup of white vinegar and some warm water. Leave them to soak for about 30 minutes, then throw them in the washing machine.

Yes, all fluxies made from Tencel modal/Organic Cotton are also biodegradable. Firstly, wash your fluxies, then cut out the inner absorbent layer and dispose of this textile. The Tencel/cotton body, and the TPU waterproof layer can then be thrown in the compost to biodegrade.

fluxies reusable pad

Using a fluxies reusable pad is similar to a disposable pad (without the ick and the stick). Place the pad in your underwear, with the built in absorbent material facing upwards and the silicone strip facing down and just clip the wings into place around your underwear.

We offer two types of pads

- the fluxies regular pad which holds 2-3 tampons - the equivalent to 15ml of liquid.

- the fluxies heavy pad which holds 3-4 tampons – the equivalent to 20ml of liquid.

We recommend changing your fluxies pad every 4-6 hours.

For best results, rinse your pad in cold water and then add your fluxies pad to your dark wash. The fluxies pad can be washed at 30C-40C degrees and should be air dried. Do not tumble dry your pad as this will cause damage and reduce the effectiveness of the absorbency.

fluxies wearable hot water bottle

A fluxies bottle can stay warm for 2-6 hours, depending on the environment you are in. The bottle will cool down more quickly if you are using it outside. If you are using the bottle under a warm duvet and inside the fluxies bottle cover you will get a longer period of warmth.

Fill your fluxies bottle half way with water, squeeze the air out, secure the stopper tightly and place your fluxies bottle in the freezer for 2-4 hours, until icy/slushy.

Boil the water and wait 4 minutes for the water to cool slightly, hold the fluxies bottle at the neck and slowly pour the hot water to a maximum 2/3 capacity, carefully expel any excess air, secure the stopper to prevent leakage.

Yes, you can wash your cover at 30C, however we don’t recommend placing the cover in the tumble dryer.

Wrap the fluxies bottle around your waist, feed the drawstring through the loop at the other end of the bottle, pull the drawstring tight and make a tie to keep the fluxies bottle in place.

Orders & Shipping

Fluxies is available to buy on our website and at several health stores & pharmacies. To shop fluxies in person, check out our store locator to find a store near you.

We accept all major credit/debit cards, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Klarna and fluxies gift cards.

We accept most local currencies. If we do not offer your local currency; you'll have the option of checking out in GBP, USD, or EUR. Receipts and emails will show the purchase price in GBP.

Yes! We ship to many countries around the world! Please check our Shipping Page to view our shipping rates.

Our fulfilment centre is based in Northampton, UK

We collect VAT for countries in the EU, for orders less than £150, so there will be no surprise tax and duty bills.

For order over £150, no VAT will be charged on your order, however, you will then be responsible for any Taxes and Duties.

Orders are processed pretty quickly, but we will do our best
to make any changes. The best way to request a change/cancellation is to send us an email as soon as possible to support@fluxies.co.uk. We will do our best to accommodate any requests you may have. If your order has already shipped, please visit our Returns & Exchanges within 30 days.

As soon as your order has been picked & packed and the shipping label has been applied you'll receive an email confirmation with tracking details so you can keep an eye on the progress.

All of our product packaging and mailer packaging is paper and boards and FSC-certified. It is 100% recyclable. Our paper packaging also uses soy based inks and eco certified glues.

Returns & Exchanges

It takes 24-48 hours for your return to be processed. After that, your exchange will ship out to you.

We accept returns within 30 days of receiving your goods. Find out more about returns here.

Your exchange will still be accepted and the exchange order will be processed, as soon as the restock arrives, your order will ship.

No, our gift cards never expire.

Affiliate programme

If you love our products and want to be a part of our affiliate programme it’s super easy to sign up. If you want to share our brand/products to your friends/audiences, they can receive 10% off of their order and you can earn a 10% commission.

Click the link at the bottom of the page “promote us and
earn” and follow the steps to sign up!


We are always looking for exciting partnership opportunities. If you would like to stock fluxies, please reach out to us at wholesale@fluxies.co.uk

Yes, please reach out to us at wholesale@fluxies.co.uk

If you are interested in modelling for fluxies, please send over your portfolio to hello@fluxies.co.uk

If you are interested in modelling for fluxies, please sendover your portfolio to support@fluxies.co.uk

If you are interested in working for fluxies, please send over your CV to hello@fluxies.co.uk


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