How do period pants work?

Find out how our leak-free built in tech keeps you worry-free, all day long ↓

leak-free guarantee
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Built-in leak proof protection

Our leak-free underwear has been designed to look and feel like regular underwear (well, better), but absorb up to 40ml of liquid in less than 3 seconds. Whether you're looking for protection from periods, incontinence, or any other leaks, we've got you covered.

Period pants can absorb just as much liquid (often more!) than disposable products like pads and tampons, without the discomfort or environmental impact that these options can come along with. Period pants allow you to manage your period effortlessly.

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breathable + comfy

made from lightweight, super-soft fabric to keep you comfy

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reusable + washable

it's easy. wash, wear, and reuse, just like your regular underwear!

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fresh + quick-drying

wicks moisture in less than 3 secs, keeping you fresh and dry

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natural odour control

our fabrics are structured to naturally keep bacteria away!

Function behind the fabric:

All of our leak-free products feature our reliable built-in tech, to keep you worry-free, all day long. Here's how the inner layers of our period pants work:

Top layer quickly wicks moisture away from the body, keeping you fresh and dry.

Absorbent middle layer locks in liquid.

Breathable bottom barrier is 100% waterproof to prevent leakage.

Comfort, uncompromised.

100% leak-free guarantee.

How to wash and care for period pants

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1. Rinse

rinse in cold water — don't worry, you can always skip this step if you're in a rush!

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2. Wash

machine or hand wash at 40°c max with a mild detergent. skip the softener.

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3. Dry

leave to hang dry — avoid the dryer as this can damage the leak-proof tech!

Better performance than disposables

Here's how ↓

Built-in tech: our reliable super-absorbent gusset absorbs liquid for up to 12 hours

Secure seam protection: leak-proof seams keep you protected from side leaks

Soft and comfortable: natural fabrics feel feather-soft against your skin

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